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SlipCheck Company's specialty, the Lifetime Dog Collar, 
     features a unique design, fine materials and excellent
     craftsmanship that has earned thousands of satisfied,
     repeat customers since 1957.

     A favorite among hunt clubs and kennel clubs, these extra
     strong collars have stainless steel fasteners and our famous
     die-formed stainless steel nameplates built in with imported
     Herm Sprenger® nickel-plated or stainless steel chain.

     The Lifetime Collar is the strongest, safest, cleanest, longest
     lasting dog collar around. They can't be slipped. Pups can't
     chew them. Kids can't remove them.

     Protect your dog with the proven ultimate in collars --
     the genuine SlipCheck Lifetime Dog Collar.

     See our catalog on the products page for more details.

     In addition to our specialty, the Lifetime Dog Collar, we
     offer a variety of products that come with our famous
     die-formed stainless steel nameplates attached. See our
     catalog on the
products page for more details. 

  •       - Leather Collars
  •       - Leather Leads (Custom leather leads make great awards
  •         for dog shows, hunts and field trials.)
  •       - DayGlo® Collars
  •       - Permalon Collars
  •       - Nameplates to attach to your own items, such as electric
  •         training collars.




     See our catalog on the products page for more dog and
     hunting supplies including:
  •      - Collar Parts
  •      - Couplers & Snaps
  •      - Dog Bowls, Combs & Trimmers
  •      - Whistles, Game Calls & Blowing Horns
  •      - Belts & Compasses
  •      - Scents & Tail Strippers
  •      - Nite Lites® & Nite Lite® Accessories
  •      - Wheat Light Accessories  




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