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We have about 175
Fox Hounds wearing 
your collars. We started using them over 20 years ago because the
dogs would chew the leather collars off each other. You could put 100 leather collars on 100 hounds and in one or two nights, you were out 100 leather collars. After we switched to SlipCheck chain
collars, we didn't have anymore problems.

Your chain collars last a long time, and the dogs don't lose them.
I always tell people,
"If you find a dog without a collar, it ain't mine because I use 
SlipCheck chain collars." 

-Benjamin H. Hardaway III, Midland Fox Hounds, Columbus, Georgia

Author of "Never Outfoxed -
The Hunting Life of Benjamin H. Hardaway III"

One day while rabbit hunting, the dogs wandered off for the longest time. After tirelessly waiting and searching for them, a friend found the dogs and informed us where to find them. The gentleman who found the dogs said they were on the highway and the main reason he spotted them was because of their DayGlo® collars. 

Ever since this incident, approximately 15 years ago, I will not use any other collar on my precious dogs. The best hunting dog I ever had was one of the dogs lost that day, and I believe it was thanks to her collar I got her back safe and sound. If she hadn’t been wearing your collar, I believe I would have never seen her again. 


Many times since, my dogs have gone missing while in the woods, mainly for a day or two, but I always seem to get them back because my name is conveniently located on the collar. 


I want to thank you for making such a great collar. They certainly have saved the day and my dogs many times! I will continue to use your collars for many years to come.


- Pat Griffiths, Mount Pearl, NL, Canada 
Shown above (left) with Wally Reardon and dogs - Rain, Storm, Tess and Jack.   


    Our club has given your Superior Leads
    to the winners of our spring and fall    
    field trials for over 10 years. Everybody
    loves them! The French snaps are easy
    to release quickly, and the stainless steel
    nameplates stamped with the event
    information make a great trophy.

    In any sport, serious sportsmen want the
    best gear. We think SlipCheck products
    are just that....the best!

      -Pat McNaul, Bassett Hound Club of Greater Seattle
     Photographed just out of the field with Dual GFC
    Sedgwick's Geez Louise "Lou Lou" VC MHE (right)
    and Champion McNaul's O'Grady McDuff (left).

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